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Explore life’s little pleasures, one bite at a time.
   At I’m Happy Dough we are dedicated to making great donuts, making people happy, and bringing people together. We know that quality trumps quantity, and that’s why each donut is made by hand, from scratch, every day. They are light, soft, and a bit chewy with just the right amount of sugar to satisfy any sweet tooth. Although all of our donuts are vegan, even the most devoted donut connoisseur might be fooled, due to just how high quality they are. From the seasonal donut creations to the standbys like glazed and cinnamon sugar, each is made from scratch in house, with carefully sourced ingredients.

   I’m Happy Dough was established during the summer of 2020, amid the uncertainty of a global pandemic. Seeking to achieve her dreams through entrepreneurship, founder Amina Uhuru began making doughnuts with a home fryer in her kitchen, and selling them at her local farmer’s market. Once customers got a taste of her signature yeast-raised doughnuts, they began selling out every week. She quickly expanded to island-wide weekly delivery, which also sold out regularly, and now due to ever-increasing customer demand, is poised to expand to a brick-and-mortar location.

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